OnchainTA-supported Digital Security Tokens

OnchainTA supports the following digital security tokens for registration, wallet replacement, replacement of lost securities, conversion of walletless investments into digital security tokens, secondary transfers (from sale, gift or as part of estate), and for transfer exceptions during the restricted holding period.

If a digital security token is not listed below, we do not support it.

OnchainTA provides post-subscription support for digital security tokens and transfer agent services to issuers who have contracted with us for such services. While a subscription of a digital security is in progress, you must contact the intermediary or issuer for support.

Token Name
Subscription Close Date
PDR310820ADGoerli TestnetPipe Dream, LLCMay 25, 2023LiveAkemona, Inc.
BMB270513ADGoerli TestnetBombay House, LLCFeb 10, 2023LiveAkemona, Inc.
FFT230207AEGoerli TestnetFood for Thought, LLCFeb 8, 2023LiveAkemona, Inc.
PML280401ADGoerli TestnetPost Malone, Inc.Jan 1, 2023LiveAkemona, Inc.
MTF260216ADGoerli TestnetMars Terraforming, Inc.Dec 19, 2022LiveAkemona, Inc.
SPR280308ADGoerli TestnetSpace Research, Inc.Dec 9, 2022LiveAkemona, Inc.
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